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Sauvage Impression Attar For Men - Long Lasting Perfume Fragrance Oil

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Embrace the wild sophistication of Sauvage Impression Attar for Men. This long-lasting perfume fragrance oil delivers a bold and refined scent, perfect for the modern, adventurous man. Read more

Discover the untamed elegance of Sauvage Impression Attar for Men, a premium fragrance oil inspired by the iconic Sauvage. This attar captures the essence of adventure and refinement, offering a powerful, long-lasting scent ideal for any occasion.The fragrance opens with fresh top notes of bergamot and spicy pepper, creating an invigorating and energetic start. As the scent evolves, heart notes of aromatic lavender, earthy patchouli, and vibrant geranium add complexity and depth. The base notes of rich cedarwood, warm amber, and sensual musk provide a smooth, enduring finish, ensuring the scent lingers throughout the day.

Specifications Descriptions
Product Name: Sauvage Impression Attar For Men - Long Lasting Perfume Fragrance Oil
Type Attar
Packaging Sleek and portable bottle
Usage Suitable for daily use, business meetings, social events, special occasions

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