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Projection Kids Handy Flash Light with 3 Cards

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Kids' handheld flashlight with projection capabilities, including 3 interchangeable cards for interactive play and learning. Read more

 Spark your child's imagination and curiosity with the Projection Kids Handy Flash Light, complete with 3 interchangeable cards. This versatile flashlight not only illuminates but also projects fun and educational images onto any surface, creating an engaging light show for your little ones. Each card features different themes, such as animals, space, and underwater scenes, allowing children to explore new worlds with a simple switch of a card. Designed with a child-friendly grip and durable materials, this flashlight is perfect for bedtime stories, playtime adventures, or learning activities. Encourage creativity and exploration with this fun and educational tool that combines the magic of light with the joy of discovery.

Specifications Descriptions
Material Durable plastic
LED Cards Light Source: LED Cards: 3 inte
Age Range Suitable for children aged 3 and up

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Jul 01, 2024

Cool Products.


Jul 01, 2024

I was completely impressed with their professionalism and customer service.


Jul 01, 2024

Cool Products


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