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Pack of 10 Toilet Flush Cleaning Tablets

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Keep your toilet sparkling clean with the Pack of 10 Toilet Flush Cleaning Tablets, designed to maintain hygiene and freshness with every flush. Read more

The Pack of 10 Toilet Flush Cleaning Tablets is an essential addition to any bathroom cleaning routine. These powerful tablets are formulated to provide continuous cleaning and deodorizing with each flush, ensuring your toilet remains fresh and hygienic. Simply drop a tablet into the toilet tank, and it will automatically release a cleansing solution that fights stains, prevents build-up, and keeps your toilet bowl sparkling clean.

Specifications Descriptions
Quantity 10 tablets
Usage Drop one tablet into the toilet tank for continuous cleaning
Effectiveness Lasts for multiple flushes
Formula Fights stains and odors, prevents build-up
Package Includes 1 x Pack of 10 Toilet Flush Cleaning Tablets

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