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High-Quality Car Washing Nozzle - 3 Modes, Metal Body

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Upgrade your car washing routine with our High-Quality Car Washing Nozzle. Featuring a durable metal body and three adjustable spray modes, this nozzle provides powerful and efficient cleaning for your vehicle. Read more

Achieve a spotless clean for your vehicle with our High-Quality Car Washing Nozzle. Constructed with a robust metal body, this nozzle is built to withstand frequent use and resist wear and tear. The three adjustable spray modes—jet, shower, and mist—allow you to customize your cleaning experience, ensuring optimal performance for different washing tasks. Whether you need a powerful jet to remove stubborn dirt or a gentle mist for delicate areas, this versatile nozzle has you covered. Easy to attach to any standard garden hose, it’s perfect for car washing, gardening, and other outdoor cleaning projects.

Specifications Descriptions
Product High-Quality Car Washing Nozzle
Material Durable metal body
Spray Modes 3 adjustable modes (jet, shower, mist)
Compatibility Fits standard garden hoses

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