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3 Layers Ventilated Bee Suit - Ultra Breeze Full Body Honey Beekeeping Suits for Men Beekeeper with Removable Round Veil

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Do you find it much time consuming to get in and out to find a full body Professional Beekeeper Suit for sale with fencing Veil for your upcoming beekeeping season? Beekeeper apparel helps professional beekeepers handle their bees safely without fear of getting stung. From coveralls to full protective suits, we have a large selection of protective apparel that is both comfortable and practical for all ages. Best Beekeeping Suit fully protect your body covering your head, shoulders, and knees. (Sorry about your toes, you still have to wear boots, sadly.) Whether you need the full protection of a suit or just your upper body we have you covered all. Toor Traders ultra breeze beekeeping suit offers a balance of protection from stings and ease of use. Read more

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STING RESISTANT, COOL, & COMFORTABLE IN ALL CLIMATES: Our beekeeping suit with improved fabrics for bee keepers suite & bee jacket in the market of beekeeping supplies.  We use poly-cotton outer mesh in our bee keeping supplies-all to be preventing bees tiny legs getting caught on any lose fibers. These combined 3 layer bee suits for women makes it breathable and sting proof, It is the safest and most comfortable best beekeeper suit with bee hat or bee veil ever in bee keeper suit stuff

NON-FLAMMABLE BEE VEIL MESH:  We know the danger of sudden flash flames from smokers, that's why we insist on only using Non-flammable mesh in our bee supplies of bug suit. To protect your face, just use non-flammable mesh veils. Rest assured; our professional beekeeper suit with bee hat and veil protects every inch of your body from bee stings.

HIGH VISIBILITY:  Great visibility in our bee keeper hat and face covering is a key to safety while inspecting your hives. Our beekeeper adult plus size bee suits for women fencing veils use patented mesh that has been designed for to improve visual attention and prominence. In short, our full body cheap mesh fencing bee keeping suit is not only provides your body full protection but also known as competitive lightweight ventilated bee suit price in the international market.

TRADITIONAL BESPOKE HAND MADE BEEKEEPER PROTECTIVE CLOTHING:  Our devoted craftsmen creating the finest bee protective gear garments from Pakistan. Secure fittings beekeeper suit for men using a combination of highly adhesive Velcro and industrial strength elastic. Our unique mann lake beekeeping supplies for humble bee suit design provides you unprecedented protection in the most vulnerable areas.   Rest assured; our beekeeping clothing is well known in youth bee suit lover.


ELASTIC BANDS DESIGN & 3 BIG HIVE TOOL POCKETS: This breeze bee suit features high elasticity bands at the wrists, ankles, waist to create a tight closed fit and prevent the bees entering clothing. Reinforced extra thick collar offering extra protection in the most vulnerable areas-your neck, making you feel safe when attending your BEES! The bee suit also features 3 convenient big tool pockets which are designed for carrying handy items, such as hive tool, bee brush, keys or other necessaries


With Toor Traders you are investing in the very best bee protective clothing for honey keeper specifically designed for you.

1       3 Layers              :         Max Protection & Ventilation bee keeping veil

2       Poly-cotton                   :         Breathable & Bee Friendly

3       Natural Latex      :         Comfort & Safety

4       Metal YKK Zips  :         Strength & Reliability

5       Clear View Veil   :         Ultra visibility with fencing veils 

Why Zephyrus Protect is the most advanced bee protection clothing suit in the Market!



In our bee keepers suite, we have used just enough polyester to be kind to the bees preventing tiny legs get caught in lose fibers, and enough cotton to keep this full bee suit natural and breathable.

The mesh has tiny holes that even the smallest of stinging insects can’t get through, but are large enough to allow for ample air to gently flow through the suit, keeping you fresh.



Beekeper costume provides a good 4-5 mm gap between the other two layers, creating that all essential distance between you and the bee. As a bee?s stinger only protrudes 1.5 - 3mm, so the bee sting can?t reach you. This mesh also improves the air flow of the suit, helping to keep you cool.



The third layer of bee proof suit is another layer of ploy-cotton, giving the bees suit a durable lining that will last many years with vigorous wear. These three layers are doubled stitched together make a very tough sealed unit for your protection.


Improving the wellbeing of our planet through great beekeeping equipment designed for:

1       Practicality & Ease of Use

2       Protecting Beekeepers

3       Protecting the welfare of bees keeping


Zephyrus Protection & Comfort!

1       Brilliant sting protection against Bees, Wasp & Insects

2       Keeps you cool by allowing your body heat to escape

3       Soft, comfortable & light to wear

4       Great fit for ease of movement

5       Strong & durable


Wearing a Zephyrus Protect beehive suit

We strongly recommend you to measure your shoulder/collar to ankle. To determine length of suit needed, you’re required to measure the width of the suit through waist & chest so that Suit Doesn't Pull on Your Shoulders or Crotch. Add 1/2 Inch (1.2cm) to your measurements, for a comfortable suit that will give you ample room to move.  Become more comfortable and relaxed than ever before, spending more and more of your time with the bees you love.


Full Replacement Warranty

If you're not completely satisfied beekeeper suit women for any reason, please contact Amazon to arrange a return, for your money back or replacement suit!




The most protective and comfortable beekeeper suit large on the market! 1st Layer is Strong Polycotton with tinny breathable holes, providing a gentle barrier from the Bees. 2nd Layer is Natural Latex Lattice Mesh, proving that all essential protective gap between you and the bee and increased ventilation. 3rd Layer Poly-cotton, tough, breathable suit lining. Metal YKK Zips throughout for strength & reliability. Extra velcro seals for extra security. Strong elastic durable ankle & writ seals. Reinforced extra thick collar for maximum neck protection strong clear view Veil for perfect visibility - Fully elasticated waist for comfort, fitting all body shapes - Modern cut and sizing ? Deep hive tool pocket ? Large thigh pockets ? Velcro secure top pockets ? Key Fob. At Toor Traders your safety is our first priority that's why we only use the best fabrics, reliable YKK Zips & tough stitching. 

Specifications Descriptions
MATERIAL Premium Quality Fabric with 65% Cotton -35% Polyester, Latex, Mesh, Rib, Velcro,
ZIPPER Heavy Duty YKK Brass Zipper;
HOOD Self-Supporting Removable Round Veil;
TOOL POCKETS Four Double-stitched Front Pockets; Two Ballistic Big Hive Tool Pockets on Arms; Two Small Tool Pockets on Legs;
ELASTIC BAND High Elasticated Band on Waist & Ankles;
CLOSURE Heavy Duty YKK/Brass Zipper Closure Reinforced Extra Thick Collar;
DESIGN Lightweight, Breathable & Bee Friendly;
VISIBILITY High Visibility with Durability;
GENDER Equally Comfortable Design for Unisex Beekeepers;
RELATED PRODUCTS We also offer Bee Keepers Jackets with Round and Fencing Veils

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