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21-Cube Silicone Popit Ice Cubes Tray

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Effortlessly create 21 perfectly shaped ice cubes with the Silicone Popit Ice Cubes Tray, designed for easy removal and durable use. Read more

Elevate your drink experience with the 21-Cube Silicone Popit Ice Cubes Tray. This tray is designed to produce 21 precisely shaped ice cubes, perfect for chilling beverages without diluting them quickly. Made from high-quality silicone, the tray is flexible and sturdy, ensuring easy removal of ice cubes without cracking or spilling.The popit design allows you to push out individual ice cubes effortlessly, making it convenient for daily use. The compact size of the tray fits neatly in most freezers, saving space and allowing you to make batches of ice cubes as needed.

Specifications Descriptions
Type Silicone popit ice cubes tray
Capacity 21 ice cubes
Material High-quality silicone
Usage Suitable for chilling beverages
Package Includes 1 x 21-Cube Silicone Popit Ice Cubes Tray

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